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Passion and Purpose

Securing Confidence in Aesthetic Medicine since 1991

We see…
The Middle East becoming a destination of choice for patients seeking optimum care and results in aesthetic medicine.

Our role…
Is to be the partner of choice in aesthetic medicine for optimizing technology and business performance.

Imdad’s vision, scientific establishment and pioneering promotion of the investment opportunity have been a catalyst in the evolution of our region’s vibrant aesthetic medical field. Our discerning selection of relevant technologies and commitment to our clients’ success has incubated the necessary confidence for this nascent industry to flourish.

At our installation of the first dermatology lasers in the region back in 1993, there was not a single clinic offering aesthetic medical laser treatments. Today there are over 1,500 clinics. For more than 23 years, Imdad has partnered with clients and investors, delivering solutions from strategy to implementation.

Our consulting heritage enables us to understand, advise and implement the objectives and aspirations of individual clinics and investors: from setting up a new business, increasing treatment capacity, expanding treatment offerings, enlarging premises, opening new branches, venturing into new territories, enriching practitioners’ capabilities, to the most critical of all: elevating patient care.

We believe that by securing the confidence of patients, doctors, practitioners and investors, we will, together, enable the Middle East, not only to excel in, but to be a destination of choice for aesthetic medicine.