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We carefully match every client’s opportunity with a precise technology solution that will best meet their business goals.

We Qualify. We Support. We Review.

Our approach has had a clear focus on aesthetic medicine in the region, qualifying, supporting and reviewing investments in energy-based technologies and business solutions.

We Qualify - It all starts with the correct technology solution

Our extensive knowledge of aesthetic medicine and expertise of the local market positions us to qualify with our clients the best solutions for them. We realize that every clinic and investor has a unique opportunity. By discussing with each client their ambitions and resources, we can share our expertise to develop an individual relevant plan. Then, we qualify with each client the best technology solutions that can achieve their immediate and future objectives. The process of making sure that clients are able to fulfill their vision never stops. Once the right technology solution is in place, our clients can continue to benefit from an expert team who can provide them with ongoing advice at each milestone of their expansion plans. Equipped with the right advice and technology solution at each stage of their growth, our clients can take confident strides towards realizing their full opportunity.

We Support - Our dedicated resources support our clients to attain the most successful performance.

Clinical Training - The more the technology has to offer and the more valuable its outcomes, the more vital is clinical proficiency. We are committed to empower our clients to capitalize on our technology’s full potential.

Biomed Engineering - Clients’ time and effort are best devoted to managing and delivering the finest patient care and satisfaction. Equipment safety and operations are our devotion.

Client Support – At Imdad, client support and a desire to create an ongoing positive experience for our clients are at the heart of our operations. Our dedicated Client Support department provides a single source solution for all our clients’ requirements.

Financing - Our Finance team have a good understanding of your business, your assets and the importance of responding to opportunities. Imdad offer various financing solutions.

Marketing – We understand what is required to prosper in aesthetic medicine and accordingly can provide the right promotional strategies to make our client’s business thrive.

We Review - Progression through reviews

We work together with our clients to review their achievements and address any gaps between their business goals, actual performance and, potential. There are always ways in which efficiencies & outcomes can be improved. Our periodic client's success review reveals enhancement opportunities. By conducting regular performance reviews of the technology and business, we work together with our clients to evaluate successes achieved and identify any performance gaps. We can then see how we can help improve operation efficiency and outcome. This can be through training new users, enhancing patient information, or elevating staff confidence. This regular analysis and exchange provides us and our clients with valuable insights on how we can together raise the performance levels to achieve the desired success.