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Assured equipment operations, devotes our clients focus to patient care

Biomed Engineering

Clients’ time and effort are best devoted to managing and delivering the finest patient care and satisfaction. Equipment safety and operations are our devotion.

Our users deliver treatments in confidence, secure in the knowledge that our biomedical engineering services maintain their equipment’s performance in accordance to manufacturers’ latest recommendations.

To add to your peace of mind, when a technical issue arises, our prompt and experienced engineers reestablish the clinics smooth operations with the least possible disruptions.

25 highly qualified biomedical engineers spread across 9 service hubs in the region ensure a prompt response to our clients’ service calls. The elaborate certification and training of our engineers, along with their extensive experience accumulated on thousands of lasers, ensure a fast turnaround of emergency repairs. With our large depots of spare parts in the region, the majority of replacements if needed are always close by.

Through the proper equipment, care and revision updates that our engineering department diligently carries out, the performance of our clients’ equipment is extended, its value sustained and operating costs controlled.

Our service agreements have the flexibility of offering different options of services to suit our clients’ needs. Here is  a list of available agreements 

Equipment Description Service Type Provided Contract Terms
GentleLASE PRO PPM Labor & Cons Program 
  • • Two preventive maintenance visits with an interval of 6  months (including Equipment check & calibration as required by manufacturer)
  • • Up to 4 Service Calls
  • • Include 1 PM Kit
  • • One Box DCD Box/12 Free of Charge
  • • 30% discount on DCD during contract period.
  • • 20% discount on spare parts.
  • • 20% discount on Distance Gauge & Window Replacements
  • • 24 hours response time from receiving official note or letter.


Our clients can devote their time to what they do best, confident that their technology's performance is taken care of.