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The patented proprietary for the long lasting results for cellulite, sculpting and contouring

Photomology uses a 915nm laser and 650nm light plus a vacuum and contoured mechanical rollers. The laser's job is to penetrate into tissue and cause liquefaction of the fat cells under the skin, while the 650nm light amplify the permeability of fat cell membranes by loosening the chemical bond of fat molecules so they can migrate from adipose cells to the interstitial fluid without destroying the adipose cell membrane.
The vacuum‘s role is to position the skin optimally for laser and light penetration while the mechanical roller-massage amplify the movement of the liquefied fat into the lymphatic system (which then does the job of flushing the fat out of the body). The end result, is tighter and smoother-looking skin.
The technology also stimulates natural metabolic processes to decrease underlying causes of cellulite, like edema and restore blood circulation.