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Hair Restroration

Hair transplant procedures have witnessed a huge shift in demand recently; with patients’ expectations taking a similar rise. Higher expectations require sophisticated systems that deliver accurate results. Thus, the introduction of robots to the hair transplant world was overly welcomed by both doctors and patients alike. The thrive to design and adjust the final transplant results before starting the procedure, along with the need for accurate results, has finally been answered by the robot’s advanced technologies. Demand has shifted from wanting mere hair transplant to wanting to design one’s own final result, including the number, distribution, and placement of each hair, in order to achieve an accurate implementation of desired results.

Our solution offers patients the ability to design their own hair line, review and adjust expected final result, precise robotic creation of the recipient sites, and accurate extraction of the healthiest grafts for transplant, increasing the chances of their regrowth, and enhancing natural looking results identical to approved design