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Spectra XT

Dr. Khaled Moussa: Spectra's Applications

Dr. Joelle Haddad on Hair Bleaching using spectra

Dr. Amal Al Shaiji on Spectra Treatment: No downtime for Patients

Dr. Almotaz Hamam Telling us about spectra's Safety

Dr. Amal Al Shaiji on Spectra's Applications

Dr. Almotaz Hamam ُExplaining the reason behind spectra's reduced feeling of pain

SPECTRA XT Revital Treatment A quick procedure with no downtime to treat large pores and wrinkles using the 1064nm quasi-long pulse, promoting good collagen remodeling effect

Spectra XT: 1064 nm 45 J "REVITAL TREATMENT"

Spectra XT: 660 nm "RUVY TOUCH"

Spectra XT: Gold Toning

SPECTRA XT Laser Toning™

Stop hands giving away your age

The demand for hand rejuvenation procedures is on the rise as patients turn to a more holistic approach to looking younger. Emmanuelle Bassmann reviews the procedures currently popular with industry experts to address this important, yet often overlooked, area

Spectra XT Clinical Photos

Before & After Epidermal pigmented lesions Lentigines, Nevi & SK Freckles Seborrhea & Post-acne Erythema Melasma Onychomycosis